At ShockForce Suspension we are committed to not only maintaining your suspension, but helping you maintain your bike as well through our general services line. Like our suspension side, most of the work we perform is geared towards off-road and dirt bikes. 

As a technician and rider myself, I know personally the costly damage that can be done by failing to keep up on proper maintenance. Tires, wheels, bearings, chains, sprockets, air filters, cables, all need routine maintenance. ShockForce Suspension can help you with proper maintenance so you can keep your focus on riding. Call us, and we can set up a time to check over your bike and set up routine maintenance. We treat your bike like it's our own.

All prices are for labor only and do not include new parts. We are happy to install parts you have purchased or we can help you get parts through our distributors, sometimes saving you a little money.


Your air filter, it's what gives your bike life! Without regular cleaning you risk not only poor performance but potentially catastrophic internal engine damage to your throttle bodies, cylinder head, cylinder and piston.


Have you checked out your chain and sprockets lately? Get a lot of chain slap and noise? Do your sprocket teeth look like an ocean wave? If you don't feel like you are getting the power to ground like you were, this is a good place to check, excessive slack and worn parts rob your bike of power and can be dangerous if a chain pops off.


Whether you need new tires mounted, need to swap tires, install new tubes, we can help you out.


Have you checked your wheel spokes? Properly torqued spokes are crucial to safety. Loose spokes can lead to broken spokes, and if you are one who likes to jump, spokes aren't something you want to fail upon landings.

We use DUBYA as our main source of everything wheel!!!


Properly servicing cables, lubing and adjusting tension, is critical for safe riding. Worn throttle or clutch cables can fail at the worst times. Keeping them adjusted properly and well lubed allows you the peace of mind knowing the chances of a failure are minimized to the best of your control.


Get a "new to you" or a new bike off the showroom floor? Have you inspected the lubrication of the wheel bearings and axles? The steering stem bearings? Swingarm pivot bearings? Even on new bikes, this stuff can often times be under lubricated. Keeping friction down with maintaining your bearings is an essential part to your bike maintenance.


Does your bike keep stalling? Not disengaging when trying to pull in the clutch for braking or stopping? This could be a sign of a failing clutch.