Do you and your bike actually fit each other?


$65 for a bike assessment and fitting

Ergonomics are what make your bike yours and what makes your bike fit you. Can you ride all day or just a couple of hours? Do your wrists get sore or arms fatigued? All you might need are some adjustments to your handlebars and levers. Everyones body isare built and work differently so you will never have a bike that fits two different people perfectly.

Think about it this way, would you get in a car and be comfortable driving all day without ever touching the seat adjuster, steering wheel adjuster or mirrors? Probably not.

At ShockForce Suspension we like to ride and we don't like to be held back by a poorly fitting bike. When you get a new bike, the dealer doesn't really care about how it fits you. They already met their goal which was to sell you a bike! If you need help getting your bike set up to fit your needs give us a call and we can make the adjustments and recommendations needed so the bike truly fits you.