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2013 CRF450R Budget Build Part 4 The Finish

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

It took some work but the bike is finished and runs great. In addition to the parts that I replaced on the bike and have mentioned back in Part 3, some of the extras that were on the bike and were kept include:

--Custom suspension, front and rear, set up by Graeme Brough who is a highly respected suspension specialist in Southern California. Appears to be setup for a rider in the 180-190 weight range. (Varies but $700+ depending on work done!)

--KYB Works Fork Caps ($365)

--Pro Circuit Linkage Arm ($225)

--Hinson Clutch Actuator, required a clutch cable from a 2004-2007 CRF450R ($200)

--Full Dual Yoshimura Exhaust, header, intermediate and mufflers ($900)

--Hinson Clutch Cover ($160)

--BRP (Billet Racing Products) Upper Triple Clamp and Chain Guide ($250 Triple Clamp, $80 Chain Guide)

--TM Designworks Case Saver and Rear Caliper Guard ($80)

--Xtrig Shock Pre-Load Adjuster ($180)

Thats over $3000 in aftermarket upgrades if purchased new today!!!

This bike will be for sale shortly. Please check out Parts 1-4 for the details on this project build. If you are interested, please let me know. Send a message on our Facebook page @shockforcesuspension or give me a call.

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