• Jason Seufert

2013 CRF450R Budget Build Part 2

Tearing into a project bike tends to happen quickly, especially when I know there is an issue, I want to figure it out. (This one took about 3.5 hours before it was all apart and the motor opened up!) After opening the motor up the issue quickly showed itself, connecting rod bearing seized up. There was no other internal damage do to the motor lock up happening when the previous owner was trying to start it, not under power. I felt good about fixing this issue but as further inspection began the obvious lack of maintenance showed and this build was about to get more expensive.

When doing a build like this, and one that I intend on selling eventually, it is important to me to check out the entire bike. NOT to just put lipstick on a pig by throwing some plastics and a sticker kit on and trying to pawn it off on the next guy. The previous owner had the bike for a little over a year and I believe this is when the bike went downhill. As disassembly and inspection began here is what was found:

--Clutch basket grooved and needs replaced, hub is cracked and needs replaced

--All steering, linkage and swingarm bearings were shot

--Coolant hose almost worn through

--Throttle and clutch cables need replaced

--Sprockets and chain worn out

--Foot peg broken

--Crankshaft needs replaced

--Spark plug boot torn

--Rear brake hose sheathing torn

--Grips are destroyed

--Levers are mismatched and worn

--Kill switch zip-tied on

--Air filter has probably never been cleaned

--Bike needs a complete cleaning

This is a general list of all the major issues that will be addressed. There are other things like seat cover tear, plastics and some other cosmetic things that will be addressed should the budget permit. Pics will be available on the following post.

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