• Jason Seufert

2013 CRF450R Budget Build Part 1

We all know when we see magazines or big name websites say they are doing a "budget build" they typically aren't within our budgets. Free parts and heavy discounts make for easy budget builds because they don't cost much. That "budget build" when all added up might be a $10-12,000 bike if we were to buy those parts and have the work done ourselves. My idea of a budget build is doing the most we can within a realistic everyday budget. Cost effectively buying parts, replacing only what truly needs replaced, using elbow grease to clean parts we can keep all make for a real budget build. That idea is how this adventure came about, the desire to try and do a real quality budget build. Please follow along as this build comes together...

I had been looking for a budget project bike, specifically a 2-stroke, for the last couple weeks and just hadn't found the one that grabbed me. Last week I found a 2013 CRF450R with a locked up motor that seemed like a pretty good option for a build, baring catastrophic engine damage. The kids and I drove three hours to the coast to look at the bike and hopefully bring it home.

First impression of the bike was how rough it looked compared to the pics. It looked ridden hard and always put away wet. Mud and sand covered (wasn't even washed), grips barely there, had mismatched wheels, doesn't run (obviously), bike looked like it had never seen maintenance. Positives were, it had papers (kind of), had some nice add on parts (full Yoshimura exhaust, BRP upper triple clamp, custom suspension setup from Graeme Brough, Xtrig preload adjuster, Dirt Tricks rear sprocket), came with a few extra parts and, at some point, someone really cared about this bike. We purchased the bike and back home we went. Getting home is where the adventure really began...that will be Part 2, for now a couple pics of the bike as I bought it.

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