• Jason Seufert

2013 CRF450R Budget Bike Build Part 3

As this bike was torn apart and inspected it became more and more apparent it wasn't just the obvious that needed attention. When doing a budget build it is important to keep the BUDGET in mind, obviously. With a realistic budget, fixing every little thing to make the bike like new is never an option but doing the most within that budget is the goal. This budget build is no different, the goal to fix the the most important issues first and spend wisely to repair or replace other items was the focus. Each item was looked at to determine how important it was. How it would affect the bike or rider, how bad the item is damaged and if it is a "need" or "want"are a few of the questions that had to be asked.

Need be fixed items:

Clutch basket, crankshaft assembly, gaskets and seals, kill switch, grips, clutch and throttle cables, all bearings, oil, filter, shock guard (it was cut short for a paddle tire), levers, foot pegs, chain, sprockets, air filter

Want to fix items:

Plastics, matching hardware, matching wheels, better tires, radiator hoses, rear brake line, decal kit, seat cover

Although this bike has been more needy than initially anticipated, it's always nice to through some new parts on a bike and clean one up that someone doesn't want. Bringing a bike back that might get someone riding and enjoying the outdoors. So what got fixed or replaced???

Grips and donuts--ODI

Levers and clutch perch--Motion Pro

Clutch and throttle cables--Motion Pro

Kill Switch--Tusk

Clutch basket--Wiseco

Crankshaft w/ bottom end kit--Hot Rods/All Balls Racing Group

Rear brake line--OEM Ebay

Foot pegs--IMS Pro Series Ebay

All bearings--Pivot Works/All Balls Racing

Wheels--OEM Craigslist from 2016 CRF450R (Sold rear 18" Warp 9 that came on bike)

Tires--Used takeoffs from personal bike

Decals--Flu Designs

Seat cover--Attack Graphics

Shock guard--Cyrca

Sprockets--JT Sprocket

Chain--Primary Drive X-Ring

Radiator hoses--Tusk

Spark plug--NGK

Air filter--Maxima ProFilter

Chain slider--Acerbis

Radiator louvers--Polisport

Oil filter--Hiflo

Plastics fasteners--Bolt

Miscellaneous parts--Honda OEM

A lot of cleaning was done including to the plastics. The plastics were in good shape overall with no broken or cracked parts so we decided to reuse them knowing we were going to be installing a graphics kit anyway. Why put graphics over new plastics if you don't have to?

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