1. Although we are a Race Tech dealer, we want to make sure customers are happy even if that means they choose not to use Race Tech fluids or parts, whether it’s because of cost or personal preference, we will still perform the work. However, parts will not be warrantied, that includes seals, o-rings, bushings and any other parts in an aftermarket rebuild kit that you may provide.

    1. Suspension settings will not be guaranteed if new valving is performed and Race Tech fluid is not used. This is due to the huge variances in oil makeups and viscosities, where Race Tech fluids are designed to work in conjunction with all Race Tech parts. If you feel your suspension is not performing as expected the first change that will be made is suspension fluid at the owners’ expense.

    2. Customer will be responsible for additional labor charge if parts failed and rework is needed.

  2. All Race Tech and OEM seals come with a 30-day warranty from the date of install.

  3. We do not perform nitrogen only fills of customer rebuilt rear shocks due to the potential risk involved.

  4. If you purchase or have a bike with Race Tech valving already installed, just pay for a rebuild and you will receive updated valving at no additional cost.

  5. Currently located in a residential neighborhood, please be respectful of the neighbors, do not run your bikes if not required.