At ShockForce Suspension we are committed to not only maintaining your suspension, but helping you maintain what you roll on. As a technician and rider myself, I know personally the costly damage that can be done by failing to keep up on proper maintenance.

Your tire and wheel assemblies take a beating each and every time they touch the ground. From everyday riding to crashes, your tires and wheels wear out need attention. ShockForce Suspension can help you get your wheels in shape and mount new rubber. Call us for your tire and wheel needs.

All prices are for labor only and do not include new parts.


Have you checked your wheel spokes? Properly torqued spokes are crucial to safety. Loose spokes can lead to broken spokes, and if you are one who likes to jump, spokes aren't something you want to fail upon landings.

We use DUBYA as our main source of everything wheel!!!


Whether you need new tires mounted, need to swap tires, install new tubes, we can help you out.