Suspension service is one of, if not, the most over looked parts of bike maintenance. Often times, it only gets serviced or looked at when there is a problem, like bad seals (that oil running down the fork leg or shock shaft) or poor performance. Would you change your motor oil only when something fails? Waiting until that time generally means more damage internally and a more costly repair.

Service should be performed every 20-40 hours depending on your riding style and/or frequency. Bikes ridden multiple times a week, like supercross or motocross, require more frequent servicing to keep up performance as apposed to weekend trail or single track bikes.

How do you get the most performance out of your suspension?

Modifying your suspension system is one of the easiest ways to get the most out of your bike. It doesn't have the same "bling" factor as a new exhaust or sticker kit since you can't see it but it makes your bike much safer and easier to ride, increasing your confidence and your abilities. Here are a few of the things we recommend:

  1. Springs (fork or shock): Installing the correct springs gets your bike correctly sprung for your individual weight. This should be your first step is customizing your suspension. Setting your race sag helps in determining your correct spring rates.

  2. Valving: Stock internal valving is "generic", set up for an average weight rider, style and ability based on manufacturers research.

  3. Lowering: Feel like your bike is too tall? Feel unstable? Do it the right way and the safe way, internally modify your suspension. Lowering links simply don't work and aren't safe and can actually cause more damage and harm to your bike. Internal modifications allow you to keep the factory designed geometry, providing stability and preventing bottoming.